Privacy Policy

Launched in September of 2010, is LionFlux's hub for electronically communicating with our clients, potential clients, and the public. From a pure informational resource at its inception, has truly evolved into a business-to-business interface through which we efficiently and securely exchange critical information with our customers and affiliates. Whether you use as an affiliated client, or just feed off the information, LionFlux remains committed to providing a service that recognizes and protects your privacy.

Who We Are

LionFlux [Lf]. ("[Lf]") is a U.S. web development firm. Headquartered in New York at 430 W 24th Suite 14e, New York, NY 10011. We can be reached by e-mail at, or by telephone at (347) 688-9559. As described more thoroughly below, [Lf] generally owns all of the information collected on

What We Collect and How We Use It

[Lf] collects different information from different visitors depending on their use of the web site. You should be aware that, although certain services offered through the web site may require personally identifiable information, that is, identifiable information about an individual such as name, address, telephone number, social security number, credit card number, or birth date, place of birth, you'll always know when we need your personal information to provide the service, and you can always choose not to use the electronic service if you do not want to share your information.

Public Services

For those of you who use as an informational/entertainment resource, [Lf] does not generally collect or track any personally identifiable information. Although we will provide you with the opportunity to register as a user of, you will not be required to register in order to access the public services offered on this web site. [Lf] will use the registration information that you choose to provide solely for the purpose of enhancing your experience on our web site. We do not presently share personally identifiable information with third parties.

[Lf] does make use of data-tracking software, however, to analyze traffic to the web site and identify trends in usage so that we can continue to make sure that is the best service that it can be. For example, we may store a piece of data called a "cookie" on your hard drive, or keep track of your IP address, so that we can better understand how the site is used. We use this information solely for developing enhancements/improvements to our service. We will not link cookies to any personally identifiable information, and we do not presently share any individualized information with third parties. [Lf] may link to third party web sites, and may enter into agreements with third party advertising networks. These third parties may have a privacy policy that differs from ours, so you may want to review their policies prior to giving them any of your information.

[Lf] does not presently share any of the web site usage information that we collect with third parties other than as described in this policy. You should be aware, however, that [Lf] does use the services of advertising networks to serve up ads on some of our web pages. Advertising Networks frequently use their own "cookies" in their advertising. Once an advertising network has dropped a "cookie" onto your hard drive, the advertising network has the ability to determine whenever your computer views a web page containing the network's advertising. The advertising network's "cookie" may allow them to store your I.P. address in connection with web page usage information, but the network does not collect personally identifiable information about you, such as name, address or other specific information, unless you give it to them.

[Lf] will occasionally use aggregated traffic information, such as the number of unique visitors to a newly launched section, to promote the success of various pages, services, etc. to third parties or to the public.

[Lf] will provide visitors with the ability to register to receive electronic newsletters and other materials. These are opt-in services, which means you can choose whether you want to receive the material, and you can always change your mind. [Lf] will use whatever personally identifiable information you do provide, such as name and e-mail address, solely for purposes of distributing the materials. We may also use aggregated information, such as the number of songwriters who opted-in. We do not presently share personally identifiable information with third parties.

[Lf] may also provide visitors with the ability to purchase merchandise through the [Lf] Store, and customers may be asked to provide information sufficient to process the order such as name, mailing address, and credit card number. Orders are processed through Yahoo! Store. Credit card information is encrypted while it is transferred over the Internet. Any such personally identifiable information can be modified at your request by forwarding an e-mail to

[Lf] does not presently share any personally identifiable information provided through the [Lf] Store with third parties other than as described above without first obtaining your permission.

Business-to-Business Services

[Lf] also has several business-to-business application on the web site, and will likely continue to develop more in the future. These services often require users to disclose information in connection with the transaction.

Links to Other Websites

[Lf] maintains links to other web sites, including those of advertisers, to help you find additional information in which you may be interested. Please keep in mind that [Lf] is not responsible for the privacy practices of these other web sites.

Changes To Our Policy

In the event that [Lf] changes this policy, we will immediately update this policy to reflect the changes, and will post the revised policy on the web site. If [Lf] wishes to use any personally identifiable information that we have obtained through a web site in any manner inconsistent with the policy posted at the time the information was collected, [Lf] will notify users by e-mail and provide the ability to opt-out of such use.

Required Disclosures

In the event that [Lf] is obligated by law to disclose personally identifiable information, such as by court order, or lawful warrant from a law enforcement agency, [Lf] will attempt to notify you of the request so that you will have the opportunity to appear and contest the order or warrant.

Additional Security

In addition to the security measures described above, [Lf] takes additional steps to protect all of the information we collect. Only those [Lf] employees who have a need to access your information will have access to your information. We have informed all employees of our security and privacy practices, and we will update all employees as necessary. [Lf] will undertake to notify any individual who has provided personally identifiable information that may be affected by a breach in security.

Questions or Comments

If you have any additional questions or comments with respect to the security of our web site, please send an e-mail to, or call (347) 688-9559.