Who is [Lƒ]

Drone Masters of Connecticut

Founded in 2015, Lionflux, Inc. is an NYC-based corporation that serves our clients in New York and Connecticut regions.

I've been around the block a few times and have worked as a photographer and cinematographer with architecture and design firms in NYC and Connecticut.

I have been building and flying custom high performance quadcopters, drones and UAVs for over a decade. With the advent of today's modern advanced drone camera technology and FAA certification, I produce professional 4K high-dynamic-range aerial ProRes video and 48mp RAW photographs.

Video and photography with a focus on real estate, architectural, land conservation and agricultural industries in New York & Connecticut.

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Here are some of my personal photography & programming side-projects: Photo Gallery & Material Projects.


Fritz Washabaugh

FAA 107
UAV pilot

About Me

Making excellent coffee while motorcycle camping in the mountains, 2000 miles from home, during a thunderstorm, with a drone in my backpack.

University educated.